Company Profile

Since 1965, Clayton National, as Fireproofing Contractors, has experienced doing large, difficult, fast-track construction projects on budget, ahead of schedule, with no claims; a statement few firms in this industry can make. Clayton National is the largest fireproofing contractor in North America. Our Unique approach to every project offers our customer solutions that are often overlooked. Having completed large projects in the hospitality, microelectronics, energy and oil refinery industries allows us the expertise in assisting you with even the most difficult of projects.

Clayton National maintains the highest of standards for safety and quality. Our certified and manufacturer trained personnel will apply the fireproofing assuring proper application.

Richard Clayton is the Founder, President and CEO of a company that prides itself on logistical planning and resource distribution through a national network of workers that find pride in working for Clayton National. This work force is the backbone of our company. At any one time, we can offer 450 workers to staff our projects throughout the nation.

Principals in our organization have company authority to serve our customer needs as well as qualified office management and site supervisory personnel. 95% of our team has been part of our organization for more than ten years.

Customer contract with is the first time for our high level of knowledge, expertise and quality control. Clients continue with us because we exceed their expectations in our building practices and working relationships.