Our Management Team

Our management team includes Richard Clayton (President), Sharon Dickinson (CFO), Jeff Dickinson (Vice President), Ron Banda (Sr. Project Executive).

They form the nucleus of the Clayton team. Each and every project will have a member of the management team assigned as the primary contact assuring attention to our customer's needs is carried out. Any issues can be addressed by the project executive on your project.


The word collaboration means something to us; we see ourselves as an extension of your project team. Our philosophy that we don't let other team members fail is backed by this core team.

The following disciplines are essential to the success of the Collaborative Process.

Integrity and trust are essential for true collaboration. If you break your promises or I question your credibility, our relationship will eventually become adversarial.

The long run is more important than the short run. In order for collaboration to be effective, all participants must have a fundamental concern for the long-term implications of their actions.

Teams make better choices than individuals. Teams enlarge the set of possible solutions; they have more capabilities than one individual; and they are more likely to identify the best solution from among the possible options.

The basis for decision-making should be facts and reason, not opinions and emotion. Since building projects involve large investments of others people's resources, it is critical that project teams make rational decisions, rather than follow the "conventional wisdom" or promote personal biases.