"Clayton Coatings has utilized quality management processes in our work for years which has challenged our company to be the best at what we do. We expect to be able to further differentiate Clayton Coatings as a quality organization by achieving UL Qualified Contractor status."

Richard Clayton, President

Underwriters Laboratory Qualified Contractor Program

UL's program qualifies contractor firms that have demonstrated knowledge and a comprehensive management system that specifically focus on the selection and installation of fire resistive materials. To earn UL Qualified Contractor status, a contractor firm's Designated Responsible Individual (DRI) must pass a three-hour written exam based on the NFCA Manual of Practice, UL Fire Resistance Directory and UL Program Requirements. The contractor firm itself must pass a UL-administered audit of the processes that make its management system and QC programs, both at the contractor's facility and as applied on the job site. The audit is to verify that processes exist and are being used effectively in the field and office.

The UL Qualified Contractor Program provides specifiers, general contractors, building owners, managers, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction a resource to specify, identify and select specialty contractors that have been assessed for their management system, knowledge and best practices by UL, an independent third-party. The Program makes it possible for Contractors to differentiate themselves in the marketplace through third-party assessment and certification.

Clayton Coatings, Inc. dba Clayton National received the first UL qualification as a UL Qualified Contractor from Underwriters Laboratories (UL). CLAYTON NATIONAL IS THE FIRST AND ONLY CONTRACTOR HOLDING THIS STATUS. Additionally, Clayton National is the only contractor IN THE US to achieve this designation and have a current 10 CFR 50 Appendix B operational program.

Under this program, Clayton Coatings, Inc. has established a management system specifically focused on the proper selection and installation of Fire Resistive Materials. Additionally, the firm demonstrated knowledge of selection and installation of Fire Resistive Materials as evidenced by the successful performance in a written examination by the company's "Designated Responsible Individual" (DRI).