Waste Treatment Plant (WTP) |
Nuclear Waste Vitrification, Hanford, Washington

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Major portions of the work at the WTP (Waste Treatment Plant) are being completed under DOE O 414.1 QA/QC programs by DOE O 414.1C certified contractors. The combination of the DOE O 414.1C QA/QC and the critical role fireproofing of structural steel plays in the Life-Safety component of this monumental project makes this project one of the most challenging projects ever faced by a fireproofing contractor.

The $25 million contract includes massive field application of intumescent and cementitious fireproofing of structural steel. The fire resistive materials consist of 2 Hour Intumescent and 2 Hour Industrial High Density and Commercial Density Cementitious Fireproofing. Clayton has provided select surface preparation and priming of the structural steel for field applications.

At the WTP project the safety and well being of all personnel is valued above all. Quality in every aspect of the work is mandatory and sought out; it does not happen by chance at the WTP.